Setbacks & Easements

We are fortunate here in Southern Pines to have a vast array of open areas, including the Walthour Moss Foundation, Weymouth Woods and unlimited miles of equine riding trails. I have learned over the years that Ginny and Pappy Moss’s vision for keeping our open land available to everyone is essential.  I have had great success working with my customers to continue that vision and enhancing our horse country access.  Leaving setbacks and easements with our perimeter fencing allows all to ride, drive and enjoy this beautiful land. I work with and encourage all of my customers to adopt this precious value so that we all may continue to enjoy this privilege.  Safety is an issue that I feel has become an important component in the planning and layout of fencing. Perimeter fencing needs to allow safe passage for horses, carriages, maintenance and emergency vehicles, while maximizing usable pasture space.  Please contact me so that we may work together to achieve these common goals.