M. Nixon Ellis

To Whom it May Concern,
March 2011

I have had the pleasure of knowing Brad Charles for almost two decades. During this period, I
have gotten to know Brad on both a personal and professional level. I consider him a dear friend,
one I can count on through both good times and bad times.

Brad’s fencing work is of the highest quality. The equestrian community of Southern Pines NC
and our developers are lucky to have the Brad Charles fencing group to work with. His fencing
has enriched the equestrian ambiance of all our farms with their beautiful lines, high quality
materials and richly stained final product.

Brad has put in over four thousand (4000) feet of fencing for my farm. He completed our fencing
project on budget and on time. Our fencing was done over the summer and to avoid the intense
July and August heat, Brad and his crew would often work early in the morning with nothing but
the headlights from his truck for illumination. Since finishing our work a number of years ago,
Brad has inspected our fencing annually and made repairs where necessary. In ten years, there
have been precious few replacements.

In closing, I give my strongest recommendation to Brad Charles Fencing. I cannot imagine any
other local fencing operation with the track record and user friendly professionalism which Brad
brings to his work. If you need fencing, Brad’s your man.


M. Nixon Ellis, PhD, MBA
Chairman, The Carolina Horse Park Foundation

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